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Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone nympholepsy

So I'm in line in front of the Corte Madera Applestore. I've been waiting with my brother for 45minutes, he's been waiting four hours. I'm not buying an iPhone. I'm here in my anthropologist capacity studying a post-post modern historical phenomenon. . . iPhone techno-lust.


"Alright my friend, your getting close, close. I can smell the iPhone from here." -Apple employee giving out tickets for a free drink at Peet's.

"I called at 8am, they said it wasn't a long wait. When I got here the line was back there," she points to the line about 100 people back and rolls her eyes.

"Are you getting the big one?"
-a woman asks my brother, who then goes on to discuss with her whether or not she needs to store video on her husband's phone.

"Wow, it's moving now!"
-a man with his son talking about the line.

"I saw a software demonstration where you could look at your iphone and see everyone on a map."

"I imagine there is a way to turn the GPS off on the phone."

"How long have you been in line?"-Man with a cane.
"Four hours."-Woman in line
"Wow. . .Good luck."-Man with a cane.

"I still haven't seen that guy come out, and it's been like 25minutes."

Above: My brother looking at this blog post on his new iPhone. Like I said, post-post modern.


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

What a fun post! Last night, before heading to a John Mellincamp concert in Berkeley, we checked our iPhone for traffice congestion in order to see which way was best to get to Berkeley. Nothing like a live traffic data mashup with Google maps for on the spot decision making.


Brian said...

Yeah, I find my self wanting one when I'm in a store and I need to know if something is a rip-off or not. Also great if you are house-hunting.